Coalition for Racial Equality & Rights

The Scottish Legal Aid Board

Public Sector Equality Duty Information

30 April 2013 – this was the date by which a listed authority was required to publish

  • a mainstreaming report (which includes employee information)
  • equality outcomes, prepared using involvement and evidence
  • gender pay gap information
  • a statement on equal pay and occupational segregation (first report needs to include gender data, the second report, due 4 years from the first must also include race and disability data)

The Scottish Specific duties also require public bodies to publish, within a reasonable period, the results of any Impact Assessment where it decides to apply the policy or practice in question.

Public bodies must publish information in a manner that is accessible to the public.

Mainstreaming Report

Equality Mainstreaming and Equality Outcomes April 2013

Equality Outcomes

See Page 25: Equality Mainstreaming and Equality Outcomes April 2013

Gender Pay Gap Information

See: Equal Pay Analysis

Statement on Equal Pay and Occupational Segregation

See Page 21 : Equality Mainstreaming and Equality Outcomes April 2013 and Workforce data

Other Internet Available Publications

Information on previous equality schemes is available via the Scottish Legal Aid Board website.

Equality Impact Assessments

There is no Equality Impact Assessment information currently available.   


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