Coalition for Racial Equality & Rights

University of Dundee

Public Sector Equality Duty Information

30 April 2015. This was the date by which listed public authorities were required to publish: 

  • A mainstreaming report;
  • Annual employee information together with details of the progress made in gathering and using the information to better meet the duty;
  • A report on progress made towards achieving equality outcomes published in 2013; and
  • Public authorities with 150 staff or more must also publish updated gender pay gap information.

Public bodies must publish information in a manner that is accessible to the public 

Mainstreaming Report

Mainstreaming Report 2015

Employee Information

Equality Staff Data 2015

Equality Outcomes

Equality Outcomes Plan - Progress Report 2015

Gender Pay Gap Information

Gender Pay Gap 2015 


Other Internet Available Publications

Equality and Diversity Mainstreaming Report 2013
Equality Outcomes Plan 2013 - 2017


Equality Impact Assessments

There are no details of any current equality impact assessments available on the University's website.


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Equality & Diversity Officer
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