Coalition for Racial Equality & Rights

Aberdeenshire Council

Public Sector Equality Duty Information

30 April 2015. This was the date by which listed public authorities were required to publish: 

  • A mainstreaming report;
  • Annual employee information together with details of the progress made in gathering and using the information to better meet the duty;
  • A report on progress made towards achieving equality outcomes published in 2013; and
  • Public authorities with 150 staff or more must also publish updated gender pay gap information.
Public bodies must publish information in a manner that is accessible to the public


Mainstreaming Report

Mainstreaming Progress Report 2015 

Employee Information

See Appendix 4: Mainstreaming Progress Report 2015

Equality Outcomes

Equality Outcomes Progress Report 2015

Gender Pay Gap Information

See Appendix 3: Mainstreaming Progress Report 2015


Other Internet Available Publications

Aberdeenshire's Equalities Mainstreaming Report and Equality Outcomes 2013 
Multi Equality Scheme 2010/13
 (also available in Russian, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian)
Race Equality Scheme 2008/11
Gender Equality Scheme 2007/10


Equality Impact Assessments

This link lists the Equality Impact Assessments and EIA summaries carried out by each Service. It also records the justification if no Equality Impact Assessment is required.


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